10 Adorable Fourth of July Decorations You Can Make Yourself

patriotic fireworks garland

Patriotic Fireworks Garland

Hang this paper garland on the mantel, outdoor table, a wall, or on your front porch railing. Choose your cardstock or scrapbook paper with interesting patterns in a red, white, and blue color theme. Fold the paper accordion-style and fan it out, then you can either connect the “fireworks” together with string to make a garland or attach a stick to create a fan.

Photo and idea from I Heart Naptime. Get instructions here.

American Flag Mason Jars

American Flag Mason Jars

If you can’t get enough of mason jars, this is the project for you. Create a centerpiece by painting the flag pattern on a row of three jars. Place them on a tray or rectangular plate and fill with pretty flowers – simple white ones will work best and won’t take away from the flag design.

Photo and idea from Maison de Pax. Get instructions here.

Silverware Holder

Silverware Holder

This silverware holder will complete any place setting. Or if you’re planning a party with a buffet table, you can set these at one end of the table so guests can grab a utensil sleeve before they sit down. You’ll need some thick white fabric, swatches of red, white, and blue fabric, and some basic sewing skills.

Photo and idea from The Merry Thought. Get instructions here.

Fireworks Photobooth Props

Firework Rocket Photo Booth Prop

Nowadays, no party is complete without a photo booth. Set one up and make these “fireworks” for guests to pose with. All you need are old toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper, rope, and wooden dowels. They can also work as table decor, too.

Photo and idea from Spark & Chemistry. Get instructions here.

patriotic washi tape cutlery

Washi Tape Cutlery

Need a last-minute decorating idea? Take your plain plastic cutlery and add some washi tape in a patriotic theme. You can get creative with mixing and matching the different patterns and colors. It’s a small festive detail that will really surprise your guests.

Photo and idea from Tikkido. Get instructions here.

confetti filled firework straws

Confetti-Filled Fireworks

If you aren’t allowed to light fireworks in your neighborhood, or you have younger kids who might not be ready for that, this is a genius solution. Take jumbo straws (like those used for smoothies or bubble tea) and seal one end with glue. Then fill the straws with confetti and top it off with a small, rolled-up piece of card stock with gold confetti strips attached.

Photo and idea from Handmade Mood. Get instructions here.

Indigo Stars and Stripes Napkins


Indigo Stars and Stripes Napkins

Personalize some napkins to use for all of your summer gatherings. With bleach pens and 100% cotton napkins, add stars, stripes, or any other favorite patterns. Let them dry for an hour and then rinse them out.

Photo and idea from Earnest Home Co. Get instructions here.

Red White and Blue Tassels


Red White and Blue Tassels

Can’t get enough of the dip-dyed trend? Bring it home for your Independence Day party. Create a tassel out of yarn and dip it in bleach to create a two-tone, ombré effect. Take another string of yarn and use it to connect the tassels together so you can hang it on your mantel or wall.

Photo and idea from My Sister’s Suitcase. Get instructions here.

Burlap Table Runner


Burlap Table Runner

Dress up your table with a super-easy, no-sew table runner. Cut slits in the burlap to weave in red and blue ribbons. This vintage, Americana-inspired craft is festive enough for a 4th of July party, but not so flashy that you can’t use it for other celebrations.

Photo and idea from Domestically Speaking. Get instructions here.

Painted Placemat


Painted Placemat

If you plan on using plain white plates and simple cutlery, make each guest’s place setting even more special with a personalized placemat. Using the American flag as inspiration, take a red placemat and paint white stripes using painter’s tape as a guide.

Photo and idea from Centsational Girl. Get instructions here.

Kid-Friendly Craft Project: Salad Spinner Art

Get crafty with paint and a salad spinner and make colorful works of art with your little ones. Spin art is perhaps the most fun, well-contained type of mess that you can make — even toddlers can easily participate. Consider this activity on a rainy day or during arts and crafts at an outdoor summer camp.

Peach Gray Girly Photo Border Wedding Pinterest Graphic

What You’ll Need

  • salad spinner
  • paper
  • scissors
  • washable paint

Set Up Your Art Space

Prepare an area where you can lay your finished art, and get your paint canisters opened and ready for use. You may be reluctant to destroy your kitchen salad spinner — rightfully so — but the washable paint should easily come off the tool if you soak it after use. If you’re planning on making spin art all summer long, consider sourcing an inexpensive or secondhand spinner that you can dedicate to this craft.

Cut the Paper

Cut pieces of paper that will fit into the base of your salad spinner. Large squares and freehanded circles work best. Too small, and the paper may flip up when you activate the spin cycle.


Drizzle the Paint

With a piece of paper positioned in the center of the salad spinner basket, pour assorted pools of paint directly onto the paper. A quarter-sized dollop will do, but feel free to explore with less or more.


Let the kids make their picks, and experiment with primary colors, the addition of white or black paint, and whether or not the paint colors sit separately or flow together on the paper.


Spin, Spin, Spin

Put the lid onto the salad spinner and activate the tool. The basket and the paper inside will spin fast, and the paint will immediately force across the surface of the paper, splattering beyond the edges to coat the walls of the spinner. This is a good opportunity to point out to the older participants that centripetal forces are at work, and an interesting opportunity for younger kids to learn about the mechanics of the tool.

Let Your Project Dry

Remove the paper from the salad spinner and set it in a flat space to dry.


Take a moment to observe the wet paint and see how the colors have flowed together. If your child selected primary colors, they might see a rainbow. If they opted to experiment with red and white, they might be amazed at the shade of pink they created.

When dry, display!


I had to share this adorable idea, I got this cute idea here
What do you think?


These are the top 5 DIY crafts I want to try this week!  With quarantine and all, I think it’s a good time to post some awesome DIY’s I want to try!  Some of them, you can actually decorate with which is an added benefit.  I love it when you can DIY and use the item in your home for some cute decor.  I’m pretty obsessed with BOHO anything.

DIY home decor is a top trend nowadays anyway, it saves money, it’s fun and it turns out to be exactly the way you want it.  It’s totally a win-win. I think everyone has been so creative lately!  I love seeing everyone’s DIY crafts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Pink Green Spring Flower Quotes Pinterest Graphic


Here are my top 5 musts for DIY this weekend!


1.)  I found this on Pinterest and I’m SO going to give this a go this weekend!  I love anything Bohemian!




2.)  This is one of my favorites!  I absolutely love this!  I am hoping to be able to do this one.  When I do I’ll let you all see it.  It’s so beautiful and it doesn’t look crazy hard, either.




3.)  I have to do this and I know this isn’t a weekend project.  I think I need a whole lot of twine!  I really love the rugs that are made of twine and the little baskets and things.  I’m going to have to start on this asap.  It’s beautiful!



4.)  Isn’t this adorable?  I saw this and I have to make it.  Perfect for beautiful DIY home decor, right?  I love it!




5.) Last but not least, this adorable dandelion picture!  What I was thinking about doing with mine is having my little ones put their small little fingers around it, not only as home decor but also a keepsake!


DIY Can Lantern


Good morning my friends! It is Saturday morning, the kids are asleep and I thought I’d share a favorite DIY with you! Can Lanterns! Have you seen them? They’re really cute and it’s fun to do, my kids loved it, too!

What You’ll Need

  • empty metal cans (soup cans or large coffee cans work best)
  • graph paper
  • permanent marker
  • tape
  • hammer
  • finish nails
  • clamp
  • drill
  • 3/32″ masonry drill bit
  • outdoor spray paint
  • wire hanger (optional)

Remove Label

Run label under hot water to loosen adhesive, then remove by gently scrubbing with a sponge or rag.

Sketch Out Design

On graph paper, mark the top, bottom, and sides of the can with a permanent marker. Remove can and create a dot design within the marked parameters. Tip: the more dots you draw, the more light will show through the finished lantern.

Tape Graph Paper to Can

Trim paper to fit the top and bottom of the can, then attach with masking tape.

Punch Pilot Holes

Attach can to a solid work surface with a sturdy clamp. Using a hammer and finish nail, stamp each drawn dot to create small holes in the can underneath. When finished, remove graph paper.

Drill Larger Holes

This part can be a little tedious

Using a 3/32″ masonry drill bit, drill through each of the small pilot holes made by the nails. This will clean up the holes and create a consistent, polished look. Feel free to play around with other drill bit sizes to create different looks.


Aren’t they beautiful!?

Stuff the inside of the can with paper towels or an old rag. Holding the can at least six inches away, lightly coat with outdoor spray paint. Layer three or four thin coats until the metal is no longer visible. Remove rag when dry.

Optional: Add a Handle

Illuminated Tin Can Lanterns for Night
The kids think it’s amazing!

Drill a hole on each side of the can and add an old wire clothes hanger or piece of rope for carrying or hanging.

I found this on Pinterest! It was a fun DIY. What do you think?