Top 17 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks!



Keeping an organized home has been something that I have been interested in as it helps reduce stress and allows my family and I start each day feeling put together. Having a messy kitchen to wake up to is one of the worst ways to begin the day. In the interest of helping you get inspired, I’ve got a solid set of photos for you all to reference. Enjoy it. This will help a lot, as a Mother of 4 I know how it is being so busy, this will help us all save time!

1.) Fruit Storage

Found From {Life}Buzz

I find this a really easy and attractive way to store fruit. It looks like it is super convenient when it comes to cleaning too!

2.) Open Mesh Drawers

Found From The Owner Builder Network

I could see this hack helping a lot of people save money in the long run. Since veggies should be stored in a cool, dark and well ventilated area this is for sure to help reduce waste!

3.) Categorize by Baskets

Found From Up to Date Interiors

I think the choice to use blue baskets in this pantry helped keep it looking bright and attractive. A great start to preparing a delicious meal! Too often have I see dark, drab storage spaces.

4.) Consistent Containers

Found From Up to Date Interiors

The consistency of these storage containers really helps you focus more on your food finding rather than distracting you with crazy designs. I dig it.

5.)  Labels, Labels, Labels

Found From Duo Ventures

I love the cozy sort of vibe I get from this one. The glass containers paired with black labels and baskets puts me at ease.

6.)  Make Labels Easy to See

Found From Stacy and Charlie

If you use this hack your days of moving things around your cabinet and messing it up are over! I love how you can clearly see the label on each can so you can just go ahead and grab what you need without knocking things over.

7.)  Vegetable Baskets

Found From The Everyday Home Blog

What I like about this idea is that you can easily see the veggies in the drawer without pulling it out. Very convenient!

8.)  Wire Shelving

Found From Decorated Life

Although this one is a little more involved, it seems like the easiest when it comes to buying cans in bulk. Don’t forget to group alike cans together to keep the look cohesive!

9.)  Custom Slide-out Pantry

Found From Laptops to Lullabies

I can’t believe how easy they make this look in the photos. I’d imagine it would take me awhile to make one of these but it is so clever!

10.)  Dollar Store Racks

Found From Restoration Beauty

I seriously can’t believe how easily you can organize with dollar store products. I love this tip and it’s useful for anyone on a budget.

11.) DIY Spice Rack

Found From Home Staging

I have always wanted to get a bunch of spices for cooking but didn’t want to make the kitchen look too cluttered. I love this look! it even fits plastic baggies and other large items!

12.) Pull-out Pantry

If you are looking for a more premium look for your slide out pantry, this is definitely something you should consider.

13.) Oxo Containers

I am a huge fan of OXO containers so I went crazy in the head for a moment when I first looked at this. Some of my favorite things to store in containers such as these are: protein powder, freeze dried fruits/veggies, and coffee beans.

14.) Measuring Cups

Found From One Crazy House

This is incredibly adorable and the drawings at the top are such a nice touch!

15.) Hanging Chips

Found From Buzzfeed

If I were a bigger chip eater (and trust me, I wish I were and could get away with it) I would totally use this as inspiration for storing my bags of goodies.

16.) Shower Caddy

Found From Buzzfeed

Now this is a perfect example of a clever individual not succumbing to functional fixedness (hello, psychology degree holders).

17.) Pull-out Can Storage

Found From Classy Clutter

Have a crack between your fridge and wall? Look no further! Your solution is right here! But really, so awesome. Isn’t it?

Transform Your Junk Drawer (Without Spending a Dime)

Kick off your spring cleaning with this fun and easy organization project I found on Zillow A cluttered drawer full of junk quickly becomes neat and tidy with a little help from some basic household items and recyclables.


  1. Gather small cardboard boxes, tubes, and even egg cartons, as well as glass jars, plastic bowls, and other trays and dishes handy for holding small items.

2. Take a look at your junk drawer to see what kind of odds-and-ends you need space for.

3. Cut the boxes down to a height that will fit inside the drawer. 

4. Cover the boxes in leftover wrapping paper.

5. Take everything out of the drawer and fill it with the paper-covered boxes, jars, and trays.

6. Group like items in each space.

Enjoy having everything you need right at your fingertips!

TOP 10 “Why didn’t we think of that? IDEAS FOR THE SHOWER

We have all had several, “Why didn’t we think of that!?” moments right? Here’s 10 diy ideas for the shower.

1. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer in the shower.

If you start having a crazy number of products line your tub, give this a try. Make sure to pick a mesh organizer that allows water to drain from the pockets.

2. Hang products from a curtain rod.

Not only is this another amazing idea for keeping things organized in the shower, it also puts the products right at your fingertips. Bending over? Please!

3. Prevent rust with nail polish.

You know that nasty ring your aluminum shaving cream can leaves on your tub? Here’s a solution: Paint the bottom of the can with a clear nail polish to prevent the can from leaving rusty residue.  

4. Clean your shower with grapefruit.

That’s right! Cut a grapefruit in half and use it to clean your showerhead and knob. The acid from the fruit gets the job done, plus it leaves a citrusy smell.
(add salt on the grapefruit before cleaning for a good scrub)

5. Keep products on a lanyard when traveling.

This is the perfect solution for keeping your mini travel bottles organized and accessible.   

6. Dry hair with a T-shirt.

Wet strands are actually more susceptible to breaking than dry hair. Using a cotton T-shirt to dry hair instead of a towel is brilliant, because a T-shirt is much gentler.

7. Soak your showerhead in vinegar.

When it’s time to give your shower a deep clean, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead, leaving it there overnight. You’ll wake up to find your showerhead squeaky clean.

8. DIY a shower cap.

This may not be a long-term solution for keeping hair dry in the shower, but when you’re in a pinch, this totally works. Simply tie a plastic shopping bag around your head and secure it with two knots.

9. Decorate with ribbons instead of curtain hooks.

Instantly add an adorable twist to your bathroom decor without spending a ton of money by using ribbons to hang your shower curtain.

10. Remove clothing wrinkles while showering.

This hack is an oldie but a goody, especially when you’re short on time in the morning. Hang wrinkled clothing in the bathroom while you shower to let the steam work its magic on the wrinkles.

12 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Save Money and Save Time

12 SPRING CLEANING HACKS to Save Money and Save Time!


If you have stains on clothes, carpets, or cloth furniture that won’t come off – no matter what you try – there are two ingredients you can use to remove almost any stain.

What are they?

Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix together 1 part dawn dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and spread the solution over the stain. Let it sit for anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours (depending on the color of the clothing/furniture and the age of the stain), then dab off (or throw the clothes in the wash).

Generally, this stain remover works best on lighter colored fabrics, but you can use it on darker colors – you will just want to shorten the amount of time it sits on the fabric.

Some people prefer to switch the hydrogen peroxide out for white vinegar when using this homemade stain remover on darker clothing and furniture (hydrogen peroxide can sometimes lighten fabric, so if you are only applying it to one area on a dark piece of clothing it might lighten that area).


I picked this trick up years ago and have been using it ever since – if you want your stainless steel appliances to look nice and shiny (…without small people fingerprints all over them), rub baby oil into them.

I use a soft rag (they don’t leave streaks) to rub the baby oil into the appliances.


You can get rid of odors in your house with the help of two things – depending on where the odors are.

If the odors are in a larger area of your house, I recommend using baking soda to soak up the smells. (Really – baking soda absorbs smells, so it’s not just masking the smells as these things do.)

Put a bowl of baking soda where the bad smell is and let it sit there for a couple days, switching it out for fresh stuff if the smell is really bad.


Dryer sheets can be used for a lot more than just softening your clothes (like keeping mice away, freshening up a smelly room, and getting rid of soap scum). One of my favorite uses for dryer sheets is dusting our house.

I do have my favorite dusting rags that I usually use, but I like to use dryer sheets to dust every once in a while, too. Dryer sheets collect dust and leave behind a residue that actually repels dust, which means dust won’t settle back onto the surface you just cleaned with a dryer sheet for a couple days.
(you can get dryer sheets from Dollar Tree!)


Did you know you can clean your lamp shades with a lint roller? Have you ever tried to dust your lamp shades, only to realize you’re putting more dust onto the lamp than you’re taking off?

Take a lint roller to your lampshades, like this, and it will pick up any dirt, dust, hair, or other particles that are otherwise impossible to get off.


If you have stubborn stains on your carpet that won’t come out, grab an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and start scrubbing. Rinse the area with water, and if the stain is still there scrub it another time or two. (If the stain is old you will have to scrub a fair bit.)


If you’ve been spending hours of your life scrubbing away at the slime that collects at the bottom of your plastic shower curtains, you’ll be happy to learn this tip.

(I always thought you could only put cloth shower curtains in the washing machine… it turns out I was mistaken.)

Your plastic shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine just like cloth shower curtains. The only catch is that you’ll want to wash the shower curtain with a couple bath towels to keep it untangled and to help it get washed evenly.


Baking soda removes odors and absorbs moisture, so it’s the perfect cleaner for cloth furniture – and it’s easy to use.

All you have to do to get your cloth furniture smelling fresh again is sprinkle some baking soda evenly over all surfaces of the furniture (this is what I use) and let it sit. The longer it sits the better of a job it will do.

Once it has been sitting for a couple hours, take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum away all the baking soda. Make sure you get it out of all the cracks and crevices.


If the shower heads in your home have hard water stains on them, put white vinegar in a plastic baggie and tie it around the shower head.

Let it sit for about half an hour, remove the bag of vinegar, and wipe the shower head. The hard water stains should come right off and your shower heads will shine like they’re brand new.

(Vinegar is AMAZING for cleaning.)


If you have a garbage disposal in your sink you can easily clean it by sprinkling some salt in it, throwing in a few pieces of cut lemon and a couple ice cubes in and then turning the garbage disposal on.

These three ingredients together will help clean any grime that has collected in the garbage disposal and will give it a nice, fresh scent.


Use baking soda to freshen up, deodorize, and wick moisture out of your mattress. Just like you can use baking soda to clean your cloth furniture, it can also be used to clean your mattress.

It’s a good idea to clean your mattress with baking soda at least twice a year. Doing this will help prolong the life of your mattress since you won’t have to worry about moisture collecting and turning into mold.

Again, the longer you can let the baking soda sit on the mattress, the better. Once it has been sitting with baking soda on it for a couple hours, take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up all the baking soda.


If your sponges are getting a funky smell to them you can quickly clean and disinfect them by zapping them in the microwave.

Soak the sponge in water first, then put it in the microwave on high for one to two minutes – and it’s as easy as that.

I’d love to know – what are some of your favorite spring cleaning ideas? Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share?


Toilet Paper Roll Makeup Organizer

I really like this one! I think this could be done with tin cans, too.

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Cathie Filian

Cereal Box Paper Organizer

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Kix Cereal

Organize all your documents with the help of a few cereal boxes.

Cereal Box Magazine Holder

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy eHow

Cereal boxes have never been so gorgeous. Recreate the look with marbled paper.

Tea Container Magnets

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Martha Stewart

You’re never going to throw tea containers out again. These organizers are so cute and highly functional.

Diaper Box Upcycled Storage and Organizer

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy of  Thrifty and Chic 
Turn a drab diaper box into something surprisingly chic. An old sweater is all you need for this transformation. Pick one up at a local thrift store if you don’t already have one at home.

Cardboard Box Basket Organizer

I think we can all agree this amazing DIY has made this cardboard box undergo a total 180. Make this DIY to hold everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies!

Lotion Bottle Cell Phone Holder

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Make It & Love It

Loose charging cables are not only unsightly, they’re potentially dangerous. House your phone and cord in this handy holder made from a lotion bottle. I love that the Make It & Love It crew used fabric to decorate this super cute holder!

Flower Tray Jewelry Organizer

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Club Chica Circle

Organize your jewelry with this recycled flower tray. A wash and a coat of spray paint are all you need to transform rummage into chic.

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Gazeta do Povo

Cut up foam sheets and glue them together for this expensive-looking underwear drawer organizer.

Shoe Box Underwear Drawer Dividers

16 Expensive Looking Recycled Organizing Ideas That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Courtesy Real Simple

Here’s another way to organize your underwear drawer. Cut up shoe boxes and add wrapping paper or washi tape to decorate.

These are such beautiful DIY organization ideas! Which is your favorite?

21 Genius Japanese Organization Hacks for a Small Space Home


In Japan, homes are notoriously small, and the concept of micro-living is not new to the country’s citizens. With that, Japan is known for its tidiness and minimalism. Konmari method, for example, it is one of the best methods to organize almost everything at home, and it’s getting popular not only in If you are ready to overhaul your organizational system with this Japanese way, take a few times to read some tips to consider below.

21 Genius japanese organizational hacks

As they say, “We all dream of having a clean house – but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?”. We all love a clean house, no matter which walks of life we originate from. It’s the first thing that guests look at, and the first thing you see before leaving for work.

But let’s be real. We’ve got just enough energy to lift our pinky, turn off the light, and call it a night. Let alone clean the house! Amateurs clean the house. But legends use these amazing organizing hacks from Japan. They’re amazingly simple since the Japanese have learned to utilize every inch efficiently, and you’ll cry after using them. Because that’s how clean your house is going to look.

1. Fold And Roll Your Bath Towels

This is about as close to Monica’s organization as you can get. You save at least half the amount of space when you fold AND roll. It makes your closet look tidy, and mimics the ambiance of a hotel. Minus the absurd amount of money, you have to spend to stay there.

2. Floss Your House

No, not the dance move. Although my dance mastery goes as far as the Cupid Shuffle. Finding it difficult to get in the crevices and cracks? Use dental floss to do the job.

3. Shoe Boxes are The Best Organizers

Via Thekitchn

I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve ended up stacking shoe boxes uselessly in the corner. Or knocked them over and fallen flat on my butt. Don’t ask me how, but it’s happened. These can be utilized in the kitchen, bathroom, or any place you feel like storage is lacking.

4. Install A Tension Bar In The Closet

Via Roomclip

My wallet finances my love of shoes. My closet, on the other hand, refuses to accept my overflowing purchases. With this tension bar in the closet, fuel your love for shoes without qualms about the space!

5. Decluttering

This might seem like the obvious tip, but it’s one we skip very often. As soon as you declutter your house, you’ll find some very unnecessary items that you can either donate or throw away. Skipping this step is like a Friday with no pizza.

6. Steam Clean Your Microwave

After multiple ramen bowls, chicken, and chocolate, your microwave probably smells a little funky. DO NOT bust out the chemicals! Place a damp towel in the microwave, and let it heat up for a minute to release steam and loosen up the grime in the microwave. Use the same towel to clean the microwave after one minute.

7. Use Bins To Organize Everything From Your Kitchen To Your Bathroom

Via Instagram

Never again will you utter the words, “there’s not enough space! My kitchen is too damn small!” These bins will save your life! And space. From spices in the kitchen to products in the bathroom, the more bins the better. Pretty awesome right? (Not as much as Wonder Woman swinging from lightning, but still.)

8. Discard What Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Also known as minimalism. And why shouldn’t you do this? If a certain item in your house doesn’t make you happy, why should you have it? It’s your house, which is a sacred space. The items in it should be special and make you happy!

9. Use Binder Clips

Via Roomclip

Binder clips are perfect if you have a bunch of wall space, no closet space, and even less floor space. You can even hang food and other small items like makeup and small bit and baubles you’ve got lying around the house.

10. Organizing Drawers

Via Modernglam

While the drawers themselves may not be too roomy, put in organizers or shelves This way, you have separated spaces for each item, and you have optimally used the drawer space.

11. Do Everything At Once

As the topic suggests, go all in. Doing everything little by little, especially cleaning, will drive you insane. While the rabbit and turtle story has a great moral, I ain’t gonna apply that to cleaning.

12. Make The Most Of The Space Under The Sinks

This is pretty self – explanatory. Underneath the sink is the best place to store cosmetic and hair products, cleaning supplies, and much more. Take it a step further and implement vertical storage and tension bars to hang supplies without taking up too much cupboard space.

13. Remove Bulky Food Items

Via Cafemom

Baking soda, sugar, and flour are just a few of the food items that come in very bulky boxes. Storing them in smaller cans or containers, allows you to stack them, thus conserving space.

14. Crosscut Sponge

Does it feel like no matter how much you clean your steel racks, there’s always some dirt on it? Crosscut it as you would with mango, and attach it to the rack. Make sure your cuts aren’t too deep, otherwise the sponge will fall completely apart.

15. Show Deep Appreciation For Your Belongings

Via Aarp

In Japanese culture, if you thank the items after they have provided their service and done their part, it provides a deeper sense of appreciation. This way, you know exactly what items you need and what you don’t. You form a bond with the item and get some closure before getting rid of it.

16. Use a Plastic Zip File To Organize

Via Livedoor

Plastic bags fly willy nilly all over the house despite my exhaustive attempts to stuff them back in the closet. Organize them in plastic zip files, and never lose track of them again! Plus you can sort of the “good ones.”

17. Freeing The Entryway

Via Hgtv

Since you’re already short on space, don’t skimp on the places that need to be kept roomy. The entryway is always free of shoes in Japanese culture, and every shoe is always accounted for in the built-in shoe closets.

18. Use Pantyhose As a Duster

While pantyhose may be the most uncomfortable thing women have to wear, they can be used around the house. Attaching it around the hangar can be beneficial to get objects stuck behind couches, refrigerators, and underneath the washer. The dust quickly sticks to the pantyhose and easily washes off.

19. Hang Two Towel Racks Vertically

Via Pinterest

There’s a normal level genius when skipping 2 grades because you’re smart, then there’s Tony Stark level genius. This is up there! We already discussed the whole fold and roll situation with the towels. But why not make this even more efficient by storing them in vertical towel rods?

20. Organize By Category Not By Room

Via Hgtv

Organize your belongings by category. The Japanese believe that by starting with the items you’re least emotionally attached to and work your way up, you’ll sort through everything efficiently. If you don’t feel connected to that item, let it go.

21. Use Surfaces

Utilize the sides of the washing machine to store supplies for laundry. Buy some heavy duty magnets so that you can attach containers to store detergent, dryer sheets, and other necessary items.

The Japanese said it best, “Cleanliness makes it easier to see the details. Keep calm and maintain cleanliness.”


34 Awesome Bathroom Organization Hacks

Spring cleaning time! A lot of that is going on in this house! Time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need and to organize the stuff you have! Here are 34 awesome bathroom organization hacks for you to get at least one room of your house whipped into shape! Enjoy! 

Bathroom Organization

nail polish shelves


Cheap drawer separators


Small Bathroom sink organization


Hanging baskets IMG_6454

Tension rod shower organization


Toilet paper with shelf DIY-Toilet-Paper-Holder-with-Shelf-tutorial-@diyshowoff

Bath toy organization


Cake stand storage e75fbbb61ad59d6345661881f998e840

Door Storage


Bobby pin storage


DIY electric toothbrush storage

toothbrush holder 1final

Bathroom cabinet organization


Mason Jar toothbrush holder


Neat Toothbrush storage


Dollar store dividers Dollar-Store-Bathroom-Drawer-Organization-683x1024

Makeup organization


Basket for toilet paper


Command hook organizer 53a07302c5fd9_-_cos-10-storagehacks-de

basket for toilet paper


add shelves to bathroom cabinets


toothbrushes in silverware container


Magazine holder turned toilet paper holder


Storage above sink

junkbonanza2011 228

Toilet paper tank holder 61dbnstfwiL._SL1000_

magnetic holders

54eb79e84e2f3_-_bathroom-organizing-scissors-xln Towel storage


Hidden towel rack towel-rack-cabinet-9wm_thumb

Bathroom cubes


crown molding shelves bathroom-shelves-organizing-perfumes-and-lotions-1b

wire fruit basket mb1

mason jar storage


Hidden cabinet DIY-Bathroom-Storage-Cabinet-500x750

Magnetic bowl to hold bobby pins bobby-pins

Ikea cart for the storage win  

What’s your favorite?

21 Habits of Highly Organized People


When you think of organizing – at least when I did – I always used to think that the first thing I needed to do was go out and buy a bunch of organizing containers (I mean, look how cute they are!) before I started organizing.

It turns out buying a bunch of organizing containers is a bigger mistake than I realized.

One of the many characteristics of an organized person is that they organize first, THEN go out and buy any organizing containers that they need.

The reason why they do it in this order is because it’s all too easy to look at the amount of stuff you have laying around your home and think you need at least 10 different organization containers and baskets to hold all this stuff, but really, when you organize all the stuff in your house you are going to be getting rid of a bunch of it anyway – so you won’t end up needing 10 baskets. You may not even need 5.


Remember this important step to organizing: you DON’T need to have baskets and containers prepared to put your stuff in before you organize.

First organize, then go out and buy the baskets and containers you need, (like these) if any.

When you buy baskets and organizing containers before you organize the stuff in your house, what ends up happening is you end up with far more baskets than you need, and not enough places to put them. If this happens, your house can start to look even less organized than it was before.

(We don’t want that.)


Cleaning up as you go throughout your day is a really effective way to eliminate being overwhelmed by a messy house at the end of the day. But it does require some planning ahead.

One thing I’ve found SUPER helpful is to keep one of these in the two main areas of our home (the living room and entryway), then at the end of the day, I simply put everything out of the basket back in its proper place. This is the kind I recommend (it looks nice and gets the job done).

By the end of the day, you’re already tired enough from chasing kids around all day and being a homemaker. You don’t need the added stress of a messy house on top of that.

Instead, create the habit of cleaning up after yourself as you go throughout your day.

You can do this by: Anytime you take a book off the shelf to read, put it away as soon as you’re done. If you are eating in the living room (or anywhere), bring the dishes back to the kitchen and load them straight into the dishwasher when you’re finished. Clean up whatever you’re using/doing/reading as soon as you’re done with it. If your kids are playing with blocks and decide to move on to playing with something else, have them clean up and put away the blocks before taking more toys out.

Cleaning up as you go through your day doesn’t require much extra time at all and is an extremely effective habit to acquire.

It may take you a few days or weeks to get the hang of, but as long as you’re persistent with it and determined it will end up taking a significant chunk of tidying up time out of your evenings. You will be so thankful you started doing this when you did.


Some people say you should make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning, while other people claim it’s better to keep your bed unmade.

My opinion on the matter is this – a bed that is made helps the entire room look neater, and when one part of our house looks neat and tidy I have more motivation in my day to keep the rest of the house clean.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into our bedroom in the middle of the day and see a messy unmade bed, it just sets some kind of “blah” mood in me. It doesn’t make me want to keep the rest of our house tidy at all.

But when I walk into our room to see a neatly made bed, it helps me stay motivated to keep the rest of our house tidy and pick up after myself.

I don’t know where YOU stand when it comes to this – but I believe that making your bed first thing in the morning is something that should become a part of our daily routine.

Give yourself two extra minutes in your morning routine to make your bed as soon as you get out of it, then you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

You can help your children create the same habit and have them start making their bed every morning as well, this will help teach them responsibility from a young age.


Your to-do list doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could be a scrap piece of paper that you found laying around your house. Or you can use something like this to help keep yourself on track throughout the day.

(If you struggle with creating to-do lists, this to-do list formula is PERFECT for creating effective to-do lists that work.)
Are you a lists person? I love making lists, but I do know that some people will be cringing at this habit of highly organized people. (And that’s okay.)

I find creating a to-do list helps me stay on track throughout my day. If I rely on remembering things that need to get done writing them down, chances are they aren’t going to get done today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

EVEN if you aren’t a person who loves to use lists, I highly recommend you adopt this habit and try it out for a couple weeks (it might not be the right fit for you, and that’s okay – but you should give it a try for a couple weeks before completely writing it off).


While creating a to-do list is extremely important, following your list is even more important. Your to-do list isn’t going to do you any good if it’s just sitting there.

(If you struggle to follow lists, using this will help keep you on track.)

Depending on the amount of stuff you have on your to-do list, try to get as much of it done as early on in the day as possible.

MOST PEOPLE are more productive earlier in the day than later in the day, which is why it’s important to try and cross as many things as possible off of your to-do list earlier in the day.

One of the biggest advantages of using a to-do list is that it helps you stay focused.

I remember back in the days when I didn’t use any kind of lists – that also happened to be the time in my life when I was forgetting appointments more than I was showing up to them. (Oops.)

I still occasionally forget to create a list some days now, and when I do, those are the days when I am the least productive and just mostly meander throughout my day without doing much of anything.

Using a to-do list helps you get tasks done faster than if you’re just relying on yourself to remember everything that needs to get done in your day. Using lists is one of the best ways that you can learn how to be organized.


Another one of the many habits of extremely organized people is creating and following a routine. Whether that be a morning routine that you create to help you start your day off on a productive note, or if that’s a house cleaning routine you do once a week, or small a daily home organizing tasks routine that you use.

Everyone’s routines will look different, and that’s fine. Creating a routine that works for YOU – not someone else – is just a part of keeping yourself and your home organized.


If you’re aiming for perfection in your home and you won’t settle for anything less, you’re in trouble.

The truth is, your house is never going to look perfect and it’s never going to be truly spotless. This is especially true if you have a house full of kids.

You need to realize that your home is never going to be perfect. It’s probably never going to look like it dropped right out of a magazine, either. And you need to be okay with that.

Rather than making perfection your goal, make tidiness what you’re aiming for.

It’s also important to remember that what is tidy to one person might not meet another person’s definition of the word, and that’s OKAY. Keep your house tidy and organized to you and your family’s standards, not other people’s. You are the ones that are living in this house, after all.


Goals are an important part of achieving just about anything in life. When you want something – you create a goal, and then you make a plan on how you’re going to achieve that goal. Whether you’re working on organizing your home or bettering your finances by creating a budget, goals are what are going to help you get there and keep you on track.

Go ahead and create some realistic home organization goals to keep yourself motivated and give you something to work towards.

Take a moment to picture what you would like your house to look like. How far off is it from where your home is now? Write your goal down then get to working towards that goal by using the home organization tips you’ve already learned, and the ones to follow.


Are you storing the things in your house in good spots?

Or, are you storing your toilet paper across the house from where the bathroom is and your kitchen cleaners in the basement?

When you store items in different areas than where they get used, you’re much more likely to leave these items laying somewhere out in the open where they don’t belong, than if you find somewhere to store them that is close to where you use them.

You can do this by storing your toilet paper as close to (or in) the bathroom as possible. If there’s no room in the bathroom, consider storing the toilet paper in a linen closet close to the bathroom. You can also make room to store your kitchen cleaners under the kitchen sink rather than having to go all the way to the basement to get them. (I’ll bet your kitchen will be a lot cleaner when you start doing this.)

If you find yourself constantly dragging stuff halfway across the house anytime you need to use it, it’s a whole lot easier to make room somewhere closer to where the stuff gets used.

You might find you leave things lying around your house a lot. If you do do this it could be because it’s more work to put them away than it is to leave them on the floor. Make it easier on yourself to put these things away (by finding somewhere to store them CLOSE to where you use them) than it is to leave them lying around.


If you’re going to be able to put stuff away where it belongs, you need to find a place for it to live.

If you have so much stuff that you simply don’t have space for it all, it might be time to do a purge of your house. (Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it sounds. You can start by getting rid of these 20 things that you don’t need anymore.)

It’s better to have less stuff than to have a house that is completely cluttered and unorganized as a result of having too much stuff for your space.

Go through your entire house over the course of a few months and find a place for everything. If you can’t find somewhere for a certain object, it might be time to say goodbye to it. You don’t need it in your house doing nothing but taking up space and creating an unorganized atmosphere.


Purging your house (it sounds scary, but it’s not) regularly is an important thing that MANY organized people find themselves doing.

Rather than holding on to every little gadget, sentimental item, and thing they own, organized people have become okay with getting rid of stuff. (And you should too.)

Purging your house isn’t a lot of work (especially if you do it regularly), and you’ll start to find it plays a BIG role in helping you become more organized. (You’re going to be a lot more organized when you have less stuff laying around. It’s a fact.)

All you have to do to purge your house is walk through each room of your house with two bins in hand. One bin is for stuff that you’re going to throw away (broken, ripped, or terribly stained items that aren’t worth donating), and the other bin is for stuff that you are going to donate (stuff that you no longer want or need, but are still in good shape).

These are the bins I find work really well for this.

The first house purge you do will take you a bit of time – but once you have that one out of the way, if you keep up with it and purge your house on a weekly or monthly basis, it should take you no longer than 10 – 20 minutes each time you do it.


Not too many people define fun with cleaning and organizing, but there are some little things you can do to make the whole process a bit more bearable. You might even start to find it enjoyable. (Maybe.)

You can do this by making your organizing sessions times when you relax and unwind. Don’t set high expectations or limit yourself to such a short amount of time that you become stressed out.

If you’re including your kids in the home organization process, you could make it fun for them by setting a timer (this is the one I recommend) and challenging your kids to get a certain area of the house cleaned up before the timer dings. You can have a reward waiting for them if they can pass this challenge.

So go ahead, grab your panda and get to work!


You don’t need to have the newest and greatest gadgets to be happy. Rather than always buying more, focus on buying less and being happy with what you have.

If you don’t have something you need, try to find a way around going out and buying it. Find creative ways to make the things that you already have work, rather than caving to the temptation of needing to have everything.

When you’re buying stuff, ask yourself if it’s something you really NEED or is it just something you want to have? (Your wallet will be a lot happier when you start doing this, too.)


Another one of the habits of extremely organized people is getting rid of duplicates. (Although, if you’re organizing and decluttering your house on a low income – I believe you should keep some duplicates… in moderation.)

There is probably no reason for you to have several different sets of steak knives sitting around your house, and you probably don’t need that spare coffee maker in your storage room, either.

Keeping duplicates is handy in the sense that if something you have breaks you can quickly (and cheaply) replace it, but if you keep duplicates for everything in your house just in case something breaks, you won’t have any room to live.

Getting rid of duplicates will help you free up space so you have room to spread out and organize the stuff that you really do need in your house.


This one is just like the earlier daily habits of organized people that I mentioned where they clean up after themselves throughout the day. It’s important enough that it warrants being mentioned twice.

Don’t let your dishes pile up throughout the day.

I get that your days are busy, but keeping all your dishes on the counter (or scattered around the house) until the end of the day will only cause you to have to spend more time in the evenings scrubbing dishes. Nevermind the food particles that have leeched themselves to the dishes and refuse to be scrubbed if you let them sit for too long.

Washing your dishes or loading them into the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with them will save you time in the evening (or whenever you get around to dealing with them), as well as will help keep your house look SO much tidier throughout the day. (So you don’t have to panic if surprise visitors drop by unannounced.)


Just like creating an organizing routine for your days, another good one on the list of habits of extremely organized people is dedicating 10 minutes each evening to cleaning and tidying up your house.

You can get your kids involved in this task, too.

If you have been cleaning up throughout the day doing a quick cleanup of your entire house in the evening shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and might even take as little as 5 minutes.

If you use these baskets in the main clutter-areas of your home, you can collect out-of-place items throughout the day and quickly clean them up in the evening by walking around the house with the basket in hand and putting the items back where they belong. Click here to see which ones work (and look) the best.

During the 10-minute evening tidy-up all you have to do is tidy up a few simple things (there’s not a lot to do since you’ve been tidying up throughout your day). Pick up any toys and blankets that are laying around and quickly sweep the kitchen floor so you are ready to start tomorrow off with a clean house.

(A small handheld timer like this one is a perfect way to get the kids involved in the evening clean up. Set the timer and make a game out of it – give a small prize to whoever gets the most cleaned up in the 10 minutes.)

Do you feel crippled by the clutter in your home? Kick the clutter once and for all with this free 5-day declutter challenge!


If there is a big area of your house that needs to be organized, rather than letting it overwhelm you, you can attack it in bite-sized pieces, for short periods of time.

Using the timer method is one of the most effective organizing, decluttering, and cleaning methods out there.

Simply set a timer for 5 – 20 minutes (keep it short), set aside all distractions, and organize.

From the second you start that timer to the second it starts dinging you should be doing nothing but focusing on the single task at hand. (This is why you want to keep the amount of time short, so you don’t get distracted.)

Once the timer goes off, pat yourself on the back and take a break. If you are feeling ambitious, you could set another short timer sometime later in the day to tackle a bit more of the organizing that needs to be done, but don’t overdo it.

The idea of using the timer method is to help you completely focus on the ONE task you are doing – not letting yourself do anything else until the time is up.


Focusing on a single task at a time, rather than trying to multitask and do all the things will help you be much more effective and efficient with your organizing (because we really never can do all the things, can we?).

Many people believe that when they multitask they are saving themselves so much time, but what they don’t realize is that organizing a room, writing a grocery list, writing a to-do list, checking emails, and dusting really isn’t as efficient as doing one task all the way through to completion, then moving on to the next, then the next, then the next.

When you try and do 10 things at one time you end up wasting so much time switching from one task to another that in the end you could have had all the different tasks completed in a fraction of the time if you had done them individually.


Perhaps this one should have been #1 (for me at least)

Rather than procrastinating with getting stuff done, create your to-do list and start making yourself work your way through the list as early in the day as possible to eliminate procrastination.

We’ve all experienced those random things that pop up in the middle of the day and require our attention. If we leave our to-do list to the end of the day and something comes up that takes away the time we thought we had to complete our to-do list, the tasks simply won’t get done.

Instead, get everything you need to get done for that day done as early as possible so that if something unexpected comes up, you won’t have to worry about pushing today’s tasks onto tomorrow and tomorrow’s onto the next day.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and start completing your tasks as early as possible.


A very smart habit of organized people is the way they organize vertically, rather than horizontally.

When we organize our homes horizontally, we run out of space quite quickly and our homes start to look quite cluttered. What we’re forgetting is that there is a whole world of organization potential right out of our reach. (Thankfully, with the help of a stool, we can reach it).

Vertical organization is a smart solution to a cluttered home – rather than organizing things horizontally around your home, start using the vertical space you have (alllll the way up the walls).

Rather than sitting your plants on windowsills and coffee tables, grab a hanging plant holder to keep your plants off of your surfaces.

You could start storing your cooking utensils and spices on the insides of your cupboard doors by adding these strips to the cupboard doors. (This one is seriously genius!)

Invest in hanging spice racks rather than having your spices sit on your countertops.

There are countless ways to organize vertically instead of horizontally. When you become creative with your organizing efforts and find new ways to organize the things in your house you will be pleasantly surprised by how much space is freed up.


In most homes, dinnertime is quite often a time of complete chaos. Your kids are hungry and want to know what’s for dinner. You’re probably feeling stressed out because you don’t know what to make, and everyone’s getting grumpy because they’re hungry.

Meal planning will help you organize your mealtimes and will help you spend less time stressing about what’s for dinner. Plus, the good news is, you don’t need to dedicate an entire day to meal planning. (Lots of people think it takes up hours upon hours of time. It doesn’t.)

You can easily and quickly start a meal plan by using these strategies here. Using these strategies is how I save hours of time planning meals each week, have lowered our grocery bill from $1,000 a month to $300 a month, and have completely gotten rid of the stress that the question “what’s for dinner?” poses. If you want this too, you can learn how to do it here.

(This is the meal planning method I recommend to EVERYONE. It saves us so much money every month.)

By taking a handful of these habits of extremely organized people and applying them to your life you’ll be well on your way to an extremely organized home and life (see? It’s not even hard!).

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, implement just a couple of these strategies of organized people, then as you get comfortable with those you can slowly add more to your plate.

What is your biggest struggle with organizing? Which one of these habits of extremely organized people do you struggle the most with?

I’d love to hear from you!

71 DIY Organization Ideas to Get Your Life in Order

Elevate any space in your home with simple and practical ideas that are guaranteed to help you get your life organized. These easy DIY projects will help you establish a relaxing space full of home decor you love without breaking the bank. Read on for 70 easy DIY organization ideas that are sure to inspire you to organize every room in your home.

DIY Office Organization Ideas

  1. Follow A Bowl Full of Lemons’ easy tutorial to create a color-coded filing system that will ensure you never lose an important document again.
  2. Use this tutorial to store extra cords in toilet paper rolls to keep them untangled.
  3. Store important documents in mason jars for cute and practical desk organization from One Good Thing.
  4. Make a small portable home office with tips from Org Junkie so that you can work anywhere and always have everything you need. 
  5. If you have school-age children, create a mobile homework station using tips from One Good Thing so that their papers stay organized no matter where they work.
  6. Use tips from I Heart Organizing to add turn old cereal boxes into drawer organizers. 
  7. Add colorful dividers to your desk so every office supply stays right in its place. 
  8. Create a printing station to help ensure that you never run out of ink or toner. 
  9. Make a moodboard by adding photos and inspirational quotes to a corkboard to keep you feeling inspired. 
  10. Make your own calendar to hang on your wall so that you can see the month’s priorities at a glance.

DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

  1. Repurpose an old baby wipe container into storage for plastic bags using this tutorial.
  2. Using Two Feet First’s tutorial, create a DIY pullout baking sheet drawer.
  3. Hang frequently used kitchen items on a peg wall for decoration and storage like The Decor Fix.
  4. Label containers in your pantry like Honeybear Lane so you always know exactly where everything is. 
  5. Organize kitchen cleaning supplies using clear plastic buckets with tips from April Go Lightly.
  6. Hang lids on hooks in cabinets to strategically use cabinet space. 
  7. Add risers to your cabinets to maximize storage.
  8. Keep spices in place with a handy spice rack. 
  9. Put magnets on your cutlery and hang them on the wall.
  10. Add hooks to hang your favorite mugs for a colorful display.
  11. Hang a whiteboard near the refrigerator to jot down notes and to-dos as needed.

DIY Living Area Organization Ideas

  1. Make a bench that doubles as shoe storage space like Bob Vila.
  2. Using this tutorial from Jennifer Perkins, create colorful wall art that doubles as a display for your favorite knick knacks.  
  3. Craft a sofa organizer to rest on your couch using this tutorial so you always know exactly where your remote is.
  4. Store extra blankets and pillows in a cute basket with tips from I Heart Organizing.
  5. Make a cute mirror rack that doubles as a place to hang jackets and coats with this tutorial from Tattooed Martha.
  6. Take advantage of corner space by adding triangular storage shelves like 4 Men 1 Lady. 
  7. Label cords with colorful stickers like The Chic Site so that you never mistake your electronics again.
  8. Create a living room ottoman that doubles as a storage bin using this tutorial from Dwelling in Happiness.
  9. Add floating shelves to your living room for extra storage room. 
  10. Stack your books in order of the colors of the rainbow to brighten up the room.

DIY Makeup Organization Ideas

  1. Put your nail polishes and lip glosses in colorful baskets like Craft-O-Maniac so you can clearly see all of your items.
  2. Add a touch of glam to your daily routine with gold accented makeup brush holders via Cutefetti.
  3. Hang your favorite make up tools on the wall in mason jars with this tutorial from Skinny Meg. 
  4. Create a revolving makeup brush holder with this tutorialso the supplies you need are always right where you want them.
  5. Keep your makeup in a cute grab and go case like Haberdashery Fun so that you’re always prepared to get ready on the go if needed.
  6. Store cotton swabs and other bathroom supplies in clear plastic containers to tidy up your counter space like Craft-O-Maniac. 
  7. Keep must-have items like lotion and face wash on a lazy susan. 
  8. Repurpose wicker baskets to hold towels or toilet paper. 
  9. Use a ladder to store essential bathroom items like extra towels and toilet paper. 
  10. Add cute wall magnets to store bobby pins, nail clippers and other important items on the bathroom wall.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas

  1. Create art that doubles as an accessory holder like Melissa Creates.
  2. Hang jewelry in a cute DIY corkboard frame to display your collection like Dream Green DIY. 
  3. Add cute accents to shelves in your closet to create a space that is fun and functional like From Play Dates to Parties.
  4. Create an Aztec-inspired jewelry holder with this tutorial from Honeybear Lane.
  5. Store earrings in ice cube trays to keep all of your pairs together like Yesterday on Tuesday.
  6. Add rings to a hanger to store your scarves in a pretty and practical way. 
  7. Hang bags on your closet door to maximize your closet space.
  8. Keep out of season clothing in well-labeled boxes at the top of your closet.
  9. Add closet dividers to keep clothing separated by item or season. 
  10. Use a triangular shoe rack for extra closet floor organization. 

DIY Craft Supply Organization Ideas

  1. Create a peg board to display your most important supplies in a pretty way like Honeybear Lane.
  2. Create wall art that doubles as storage for pens and markers with this tutorial from Make It Love It.
  3. Add cute desk drawer organizers to store your most important supplies like Modish and Main.
  4. Make a ribbon holder to show off your supply like Pillar Box Blue.
  5. Repurpose old boxes for a functional way to organize your most important supplies like Dwelling in Happiness.
  6. Turn an old end table into a simple sewing station. 
  7. Repurpose a sliding door closet into a DIY craft station.
  8. Create a wrapping station so you always have all the supplies you need to wrap presents in one place. 
  9. Keep your button collection organized by storing them in mini mason jars. 
  10. Repurpose an older bookshelf to store paint supplies.

DIY Kids Organization Ideas

  1. Hang shelves in your mudroom for storing your kids’ backpacks, jackets and hats with tips from Kenarry.
  2. Repurpose tin cans to store crayons by color like Sugar Bee Crafts.
  3. Create a routine chart from The Crafting Chicks so that you always stay on top of your kids’ most important morning and night activities.
  4. Use this tutorial from Inspiration Made Simple to create a peg board to store your kids’ toys. 
  5. Add pegs to your garage to store your kids’ bikes or strollers like Honeybear Lane.
  6. Store craft supplies in clear, labeled jars like Sunny Day Family so you can always tell when you’re running low.
  7. Create personalized toy chests so each child’s favorite items stay in the right spot.
  8. Add clear holders to the wall to store and display your child’s favorite books. 
  9. Build a toy bin to store in the kitchen so that your children stay occupied while you make dinner.
  10. Repurpose a hanging shoe holder as a storage option for extra toys. 

Adding a few simple organization DIYs to your house can go a long way towards adding organization to your life. Choose projects that double as both storage and decor and add personal touches to create an orderly space that you love to relax in!

I hope this helps. Big thanks to Shutterfly

Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child’s Toys And Crafts

Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child’s Toys And Crafts
Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child's Toys And CraftsAs a mom of three daughters and one son ages 6 to 16, I can tell you I have had my fair share of trying to organize toys.

I love re-purposing and finding alternative uses for everyday items around our house. These amazing mom hacks have helped us trim the amount of toys we own while staying organized.

Having too many toys not only causes clutter, but it overstimulates children causing them to not focus on playing because something else is always catching their eye!

There is no better time than now to ditch the clutter!

I always suggest tackling one room at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Go through everything, and I mean everything! Make piles for selling, donating, and keeping.

Once you have sifted through all of the toys, it is time to organize the ones you are going to keep.

Mom Hacks For Organizing Toys & Crafts

Today I am sharing these mom hacks up close with you. Get ready to become more organized and give your little ones a bit of independence and responsibility!

Coffee Pod Carousel Play-Doh Holder Mom Hack

Play-Doh Containers Fit Perfectly In This Coffee Pod Carousel

Hannah absolutely loves Play-Doh, however, the containers everywhere drove me crazy.

I like to buy the smaller containers of Play-Doh and found that they fit perfectly in a coffee pod carousel!

This helps keep everything organized and in one place. It also allows our little ones independence, they can access the Play-Doh as well as tidy it up easily.

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer Toy Storage Mom Hack

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers Keep Dolls & More In Check

If you are a mom to even one girl you know how many dolls they can collect. In the past 16 years I have had more than my fair share of dolls with three daughters.

When my older girls were little I used a storage bin for them all, however, I found that made them out of sight out of mind for my girls.

Over the door organizers are amazing. Come to think about it, I don’t think I have ever actually used one for shoes.

Get creative, the pockets are perfect for storing these and many other toys too!

Plate Rack Book & Wooden Puzzle Storage Mom Hack

Plate Racks Are Perfect For Organizing Books And Wooden Puzzles

This is my favorite of all the mom hacks.

I found my plate rack at a local dollar store for only $1! I bought two, one to store wooden puzzles, and the other to offer a few books daily that she can read.

Rotating books is key and this hack allows you to offer a few each day so your child doesn’t get bored from the same books.

We keep the rest of their books and puzzles in their rooms, changing out the racks each day with new ones. This helps cut down on having piles of books and puzzles everywhere so your child isn’t overwhelmed by so many books or puzzles to choose from.

Hand Soap Container Paint Storage Mom Hack

Give Your Little One Independence With This Paint Storage Hack

Creative play is imperative for kids, especially the little ones. It helps their minds grow and improve their fine motor skills.

This mom hack has been a total game changer for us.

Storing Christian and Hannah’s paints into these empty soap pumps allows them to get more paint on their own. It also ensures we have no more dried out paint because there are no lids to forget to close!

If you are looking for great paint, I love these 16 oz bottles of Sergeant Paint They generally fill up our containers twice, so they last a really long time and are non-toxic!

Pencil Case & Fabric Bin Puzzle Storage Mom Hack

Recycle Broken, Bulky Puzzle Boxes With This Easy Solution

Puzzles, I have a total love/hate relationship with them. The thing that drives me absolutely batty is when I am nearing the end of the puzzle and realize pieces are missing!

Tossing the stacks of bulky puzzle boxes and organizing them into pencil-case pouches or even clear Ziploc bags works for us.

Whenever we get a new puzzle we cut out the picture, take out the pieces, and place them all into a pouch.

I can easily tuck the fabric bin on a shelf at the end of the day and it matches my home decor theme!

Plastic Spice Rack Toy Food Storage Mom Hack

Plastic Spice Racks Are Perfect For Play Food

Storing their play food where it was visible & easily accessible for her was a top priority. While her kitchen has great storage for the dishes and food that came with it, it didn’t have extra storage for all her other food and dishes.

How genius is this plastic spice rack for tackling this organizing job?

We put up one 3-tier rack on either side of her kitchen on the wall with Command Hooks. I am actually surprised at how this has helped her become more responsible in cleaning up her toys.

Children's Art & School Work Photo Book Mom Hack

Turn Your Children’s Art & School Work Into Photo Books

Listen parents, you don’t need to save every single piece of school and art work your kids bring home. They are in school and children for a long time, can you imagine the heaps of papers you will accumulate if you attempt to save it all?

Well, I can tell you how much because my mother saved everything! No joke, I have massive storage bins full to the tits of my school work, crafts, drawings, and certificates. Over the years since she handed it down to me I have been purging.

Having three kids of my own, I noticed I was becoming an art and school work hoarder. I was saving everything my kids made.

Recently I realized storing it was not the best solution, things started to get bent, paint had started to peel off, and it was multiplying at an insane rate.

Photo books are affordable and perfect for preserving those memories without the clutter. They are much easier to store and are less likely to get ruined!

Of course you are not going to be able to make photo books with everything they make. You will need to go through everything and pick out the ones that spark an emotion, a feeling, a memory, and use those.

Get as creative as you like or simple do yearly photo books highlighting the best from that year.

My favorite places to find deals for huge discounts on photo books are Groupon and WagJag.

Organizing doesn’t have to break the bank folks. I get most of my organizing products from our local dollar store or second-hand.

Which of these Mom hacks are your favorites?