These are the top 5 DIY crafts I want to try this week!  With quarantine and all, I think it’s a good time to post some awesome DIY’s I want to try!  Some of them, you can actually decorate with which is an added benefit.  I love it when you can DIY and use the item in your home for some cute decor.  I’m pretty obsessed with BOHO anything.

DIY home decor is a top trend nowadays anyway, it saves money, it’s fun and it turns out to be exactly the way you want it.  It’s totally a win-win. I think everyone has been so creative lately!  I love seeing everyone’s DIY crafts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Pink Green Spring Flower Quotes Pinterest Graphic


Here are my top 5 musts for DIY this weekend!


1.)  I found this on Pinterest and I’m SO going to give this a go this weekend!  I love anything Bohemian!




2.)  This is one of my favorites!  I absolutely love this!  I am hoping to be able to do this one.  When I do I’ll let you all see it.  It’s so beautiful and it doesn’t look crazy hard, either.




3.)  I have to do this and I know this isn’t a weekend project.  I think I need a whole lot of twine!  I really love the rugs that are made of twine and the little baskets and things.  I’m going to have to start on this asap.  It’s beautiful!



4.)  Isn’t this adorable?  I saw this and I have to make it.  Perfect for beautiful DIY home decor, right?  I love it!




5.) Last but not least, this adorable dandelion picture!  What I was thinking about doing with mine is having my little ones put their small little fingers around it, not only as home decor but also a keepsake!


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