7 Things to Declutter This Fall

7 Things to Declutter This Fall


There are times of the year that people like to declutter and organize their homes, Most I think are Spring, but for some reason, I find that I like to do it in the Fall, too.  Anyone else?  I find that it makes more sense for my household to do it this time of the year, then again in Spring.

It isn’t really a plan, but I usually end up going through things in the fall (before we all hunker down for the winter) and in the spring (to freshen up the house).

I think it’s great to go through items from the spring and summer once the weather gets colder.

The reason for this is that it was just the prime time to use outside toys and wear summer clothes. If we didn’t end up using something, it’s still fresh in my mind and I might be ready to get rid of the things that we didn’t need all spring and summer long.

1.) Pool and Beach Toys


Like I said before, it was just the prime time to use pool and beach toys. If you didn’t use certain items all summer long, do you really need them? Probably not, it’s best to donate them.

Keep at eye out for floats that are leaking air, broken items, or toys that your kids are too old for now, we seem to accumulate a container every 6 months or so.

2.) Yard Tools


Take a look through your yard tools and look for things that are broken or worn out.

Also, take a look at your lawnmower or other things with a motor. You might not need to declutter them, but you might need to make sure they get a tune-up before you need them in the spring.

3.) Scooters, Bikes, Roller Blades…


Declutter anything that is broken beyond repair or anything that will be too small for your kids to use next year, a great time to do this, just in time for some holiday fun! (We all know there’s a lot of toys and gifts coming for them)

4.) Swimsuits


If you didn’t wear it in the last six months (during prime swimsuit season), do you really need it? I do this for my little ones also, Will they fit them next summer or no? Then the swimwear they’ll wear next summer, I put away for next year’s fun in the sun!

5.) Shorts, Capris, Summer Dresses…


Again, if you didn’t wear it in the last six months, do you need it?

Check for clothes that will be too small for your kids next year too.

If you have items that need to be replaced or bought in different sizes, now is an amazing time to snag some clothes on clearance so that you’re ready for next year.

6.) Sandals

Close up on big pile of colorful woman shoes.

Did you wear all of your sandals? Do they fit? Are they comfortable?

7.) Toys

2019-11-09 (2)

Before you get busy with the holidays coming up, take a bit of time to declutter the toys in your house.

Your kids are probably about to get a whole bunch of new toys for Christmas (as said previously), so it’s a good idea to clear out as much as you can before that happens and you get overwhelmed.

For sure keep an eye out for anything broken.

If your kids are old enough to be involved in the decluttering, I heard a great idea the other day. You can explain that before they get any new toys for Christmas, they need to get rid of a certain amount of toys so that other kids can enjoy them. This can be a beautiful thing for them to enjoy!


Do you declutter and organize more in the Fall or the Spring?


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