20 DIY KONMARI Style Dollar Tree Organization

Get inspired by these KonMari Method Dollar Tree Organizing tips. Frugal and affordable ways to master the Japanese art of tidying up! (Which we all love)



DIY KONMARI Styleollar Tree Organization



I have to fess up. An hour-long show of Hoarders gives me less anxiety than ten minutes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Maybe because one show requires me to be proactive and invest my time, while the other show allows me to be lazy and appalled by what I am seeing on television. Either way, both do inspire me to clean and get organized (to a degree.) When going half in my efforts (insert a chuckle), I like to be frugal as possible. This includes getting organized all my cabinets, closets, and other places that tend to get a little crazy.


This pretty pantry sparks joy! It is organized all with products from the dollar store. This blogger originally had a $600 receipt but brought it down to $20 by shopping frugally.



The makeup drawers are one of the hardest areas to tackle for me. These drawer organizations were purchased from, you guessed it, The Dollar Tree. Sort by size originally and then by category.


Talk about winning with this Dollar Tree garage organization. I would be overjoyed if my garage looked like this, so beautiful and tidy!  | I Heart Organizing


This laundry room makeover is pretty impressive especially with all her Dollar Tree uses. I love how it stays with one color and every item has it’s own place. | Nikki Jayne Papery



Love this! Turn a cookie sheet into a family command center – you guessed it, only a dollar and such an easy DIY weekend project. | The Crazy Craft Lady


This deep freezer organization system is easy to implement, easy to maintain, and inexpensive; all you need are some Dollar Store bins and about half an hour! Anyone else tired of rummaging through it and freezing your fingers off?  This is amazing. | Practically Functional


Organize your mail with these upcycled baskets. Be careful for these to not become a place where you toss extra papers but only a spot where you keep what is important. I really love this idea!

A House Full of Sunshine


Anyone else ever have an issue with things being put on the staircase? These pick up baskets are an ideal way to make it more organized of what goes upstairs or downstairs. | Sew Many Ways


Go have a look at the “before” on these Bathroom Organization Bins! I love the way she matched the bins to her bathroom colors and got it tidy! | The Country Chic Cottage


There is hope for the linen closet with these Organizational Hacks. Can you fold a fitted sheet? If not, Go have a look at —>| A Bird and a Bean


Turn plastic baskets into locker baskets to organize your shelves (you can paint them any color you’d like).  Really cute idea! | Little House of Four


Turn a plastic laundry basket in a place to organize blankets with this tutorial. Don’t you love this?   | I Heart Organizing


Organize your makeup brushes with these Dollar Store supplies. This is great!   | Kimspired DIY


Sort your pots and pans with these dividers from the dollar store. I think we all love this one! | Orgjunkie


Dollar Tree bins are perfect for organizing the refrigerator and kitchen. Our family could use these bins, as a matter of fact, I think I’ll do that this weekend!  | The Domestic Geek Blog


Divide bathroom toys with dollar store baskets and command hooks. I love that they drain as well. This would be a huge solution in our bathroom, so many toys, we have 2 little ones that love playing with toys, this is a great idea. | Homemade Ginger



Organizing your playroom by labeling bins so they know where each toy goes, I love this idea too! | Clutter Bug


Keep the bathroom countertop clutter-free with this plastic cup and velcro hack. Truly perfect, pretty sure I’m doing that too this coming weekend.  | Living Well Mom


Are your cleaning products tossed around under the cabinet? Organize your cleaning products with plastic caddies is a great idea and easy to keep track of what you have. | Neat House Sweet Home


Don’t forget to utilize the bathroom cabinet for extra storage!  Hooks and baskets do the trick. This is so perfect to keep hair things in for my daughter!  | Homemade Ginger

Well, I certainly love this list!  I think we can all do these and help our homes to become better organized!


What was your favorite?  Do you already do some of these?  Let me know!

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