9 Practical Linen Closet Organization Tips

Spring is a good time to clear out some of your accumulated clutter. But beware of overzealousness and heed the advice of experts: Tackle one small project at a time. Wise counsel in general, this is particularly good advice during your summer – which may be dotted with vacations, weekend jaunts, and visitors from out of town.

Choose a project small enough to be seen to completion, so that you don’t have to abandon it midway and find yourself in more of a mess than when you started. Linen closet organization is one such perfectly contained home organization project. In this post, we’ll share 9 practical linen closet organization tips.

1. Group Like with Like

Here’s a recommended approach for most home organization projects: start by pulling out all the contents of your linen closet and grouping like with like. Instead of sorting by type, experts suggest grouping by household member. Your beds are likely different sizes. Sorting by person will make it easier to grab the right sheets for the bed you’re making. It will also make it easier to spot the extra items that are unnecessarily taking up space. More on this in the next point.

Linen closet organization: group like with like

Linen Closet Photo from How to Decorate

2. Limit what you store

The number one obstacle to a well-organized home is that we tend to accumulate too much stuff. Less is more. Try to limit your linen to 3-4 towels and a couple of sets of bedding per family member, with an extra set for guests.

Linen closet organization: Limit & purge

Linen Closet Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

3. Maximize your space utilization

If your house has limited storage, you may want to use your linen closet to hold more than linen. Here is a creative way to use the inside of your closet door to neatly store pharmacy items.

Linen closet organization: maximize use of space

Linen Closet Photo from Kelleynan

4. Tuck sheets into pillowcases

Here’s a clever but ultra-simple way to keep your sheets ineatly organized by set. Bundle each set inside a matching pillowcase. Simply genius.

Linen closet organization: maximize use of space

Linen Closet Photo from Imperfect Homemaking

5. Use bins and baskets

Bins and baskets are a great way to keep like with like. We really like these metal baskets because they let air circulate and you can easily see the contents of each basket.

Linen closet organization: use bins and baskets

Linen Closet Photo from Simply Organized

6. Add Some Nice Scents

Who doesn’t love freshly scented sheets? In this tutorial, learn how to handmake charming lavender sachets for your linen closet.

Linen closet organization: Add nice scents

Linen Closet Photo from Kenarry

7. Label Contents

Labeling your bins or baskets is a great way to maintain your linen closet organization system, particularly if you are not the only person placing items in your linen closet.

Linen closet organization: Add nice scents

Linen Closet Photo from Waiting on Martha

8. Add Decorative Touches

Just because your linen closet is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Consider storing smaller items in decorative containers, or stenciling pretty details into the shelvings, as you see below.

Linen closet organization: Add decorative touches

Linen Closet Photo from Dear Lillie


We hope our tips will help you reorganize your linen closet in a way that makes you smile every time you reach for a towel. Have you got any other suggestions to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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