11 Living Room Organization Ideas

Happy Sunday everyone. It’s almost time for another busy week for us! Summer is approaching fast and we are doing all we can to get any organization out of the way before going to our summer house in June.

I want to start this month of April with preparing you for May. How? We are going to organize every room of your home together. Step by step.

Organization helps us by saving time and saving us money. It really does! We all need help saving time and money and this will help you SO much!

Let’s start with the Living room. We have 4 kids and they have toys. Here are 5 ways to organize your living room with kids.

1. Ottoman Turned Toy Box

As Melissa Boyer shares about her cute storage ottoman find below, “It has proved to be a fantastic purchase for us!  My kids can easily get toys in & out of it… In addition, it can easily be moved around to the main sitting area if extra seating is ever needed.”

hide kids' toys in the living room

Image Credit: Rooms

2. Hide Toys Away In A Cabinet

Closed storage options like built in cabinets or a free standing buffet or dresser, are great for storing toys in the living room.  Consider using baskets or boxes within the space to contain smaller like items or designate drawers to different groups of toys.

hide kids' toys in the living roomImage Credit: Meadow Lake Rd

3. Toy Storage Underneath Coffee Table

hide kids toys in the living roomImage Credit: Rogue Engineer

4. The Coffee Table

This can be a beautiful space for storing toys or games, while still fitting in with the look and design on the room.  Best options are a shelf underneath or several drawers.  If you have items that don’t get accessed frequently, even a chest with a top that opens up would be great for hidden storage.

7 ways to hide kids' toys in the living roomsImage Credit: Meadow Lake Rd

5. Behind The Sofa Toy Storage

Pull the couch away from the wall a bit and use that space for shelving to store toys in tubs or baskets.  Just make sure it’s not obvious when first walking into the room.

hide kids toys in the living roomImage Credit: Two Inspire Design

Smaller Living Room Ideas

If you have a smaller living room you can try these! Place seating around each side of the coffee table and using the dresser as the focal point give the room a more spacious feel.

1.) Dream Green DIY1dfb59d17856eec4eb43ba3dbb656537

If a sofa may crowd your space try a loveseat instead. Couple it with an ottoman or a cozy accent chair.

 2.) The Graphics Fairy1-7-elton-settee-02

3.) West elm038

4.) Our Vintage Home Love abc98441ca97d256eef5732f5018e21c

Using a bookshelf to divide a space is a great way to make two rooms out of one.

5.) Sarah M Dorsey DesignsDSC_0219wm

6.) Crafty Teacher LadyFamilyPhoto-Blog2

Try different layouts. Working in a small living space you have to get creative! Make it fun!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite? Which inspires you most?

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