Top 17 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks!



Keeping an organized home has been something that I have been interested in as it helps reduce stress and allows my family and I start each day feeling put together. Having a messy kitchen to wake up to is one of the worst ways to begin the day. In the interest of helping you get inspired, I’ve got a solid set of photos for you all to reference. Enjoy it. This will help a lot, as a Mother of 4 I know how it is being so busy, this will help us all save time!

1.) Fruit Storage

Found From {Life}Buzz

I find this a really easy and attractive way to store fruit. It looks like it is super convenient when it comes to cleaning too!

2.) Open Mesh Drawers

Found From The Owner Builder Network

I could see this hack helping a lot of people save money in the long run. Since veggies should be stored in a cool, dark and well ventilated area this is for sure to help reduce waste!

3.) Categorize by Baskets

Found From Up to Date Interiors

I think the choice to use blue baskets in this pantry helped keep it looking bright and attractive. A great start to preparing a delicious meal! Too often have I see dark, drab storage spaces.

4.) Consistent Containers

Found From Up to Date Interiors

The consistency of these storage containers really helps you focus more on your food finding rather than distracting you with crazy designs. I dig it.

5.)  Labels, Labels, Labels

Found From Duo Ventures

I love the cozy sort of vibe I get from this one. The glass containers paired with black labels and baskets puts me at ease.

6.)  Make Labels Easy to See

Found From Stacy and Charlie

If you use this hack your days of moving things around your cabinet and messing it up are over! I love how you can clearly see the label on each can so you can just go ahead and grab what you need without knocking things over.

7.)  Vegetable Baskets

Found From The Everyday Home Blog

What I like about this idea is that you can easily see the veggies in the drawer without pulling it out. Very convenient!

8.)  Wire Shelving

Found From Decorated Life

Although this one is a little more involved, it seems like the easiest when it comes to buying cans in bulk. Don’t forget to group alike cans together to keep the look cohesive!

9.)  Custom Slide-out Pantry

Found From Laptops to Lullabies

I can’t believe how easy they make this look in the photos. I’d imagine it would take me awhile to make one of these but it is so clever!

10.)  Dollar Store Racks

Found From Restoration Beauty

I seriously can’t believe how easily you can organize with dollar store products. I love this tip and it’s useful for anyone on a budget.

11.) DIY Spice Rack

Found From Home Staging

I have always wanted to get a bunch of spices for cooking but didn’t want to make the kitchen look too cluttered. I love this look! it even fits plastic baggies and other large items!

12.) Pull-out Pantry

If you are looking for a more premium look for your slide out pantry, this is definitely something you should consider.

13.) Oxo Containers

I am a huge fan of OXO containers so I went crazy in the head for a moment when I first looked at this. Some of my favorite things to store in containers such as these are: protein powder, freeze dried fruits/veggies, and coffee beans.

14.) Measuring Cups

Found From One Crazy House

This is incredibly adorable and the drawings at the top are such a nice touch!

15.) Hanging Chips

Found From Buzzfeed

If I were a bigger chip eater (and trust me, I wish I were and could get away with it) I would totally use this as inspiration for storing my bags of goodies.

16.) Shower Caddy

Found From Buzzfeed

Now this is a perfect example of a clever individual not succumbing to functional fixedness (hello, psychology degree holders).

17.) Pull-out Can Storage

Found From Classy Clutter

Have a crack between your fridge and wall? Look no further! Your solution is right here! But really, so awesome. Isn’t it?

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