Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child’s Toys And Crafts

Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child’s Toys And Crafts
Amazing Mom Hacks To Organize Your Child's Toys And CraftsAs a mom of three daughters and one son ages 6 to 16, I can tell you I have had my fair share of trying to organize toys.

I love re-purposing and finding alternative uses for everyday items around our house. These amazing mom hacks have helped us trim the amount of toys we own while staying organized.

Having too many toys not only causes clutter, but it overstimulates children causing them to not focus on playing because something else is always catching their eye!

There is no better time than now to ditch the clutter!

I always suggest tackling one room at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Go through everything, and I mean everything! Make piles for selling, donating, and keeping.

Once you have sifted through all of the toys, it is time to organize the ones you are going to keep.

Mom Hacks For Organizing Toys & Crafts

Today I am sharing these mom hacks up close with you. Get ready to become more organized and give your little ones a bit of independence and responsibility!

Coffee Pod Carousel Play-Doh Holder Mom Hack

Play-Doh Containers Fit Perfectly In This Coffee Pod Carousel

Hannah absolutely loves Play-Doh, however, the containers everywhere drove me crazy.

I like to buy the smaller containers of Play-Doh and found that they fit perfectly in a coffee pod carousel!

This helps keep everything organized and in one place. It also allows our little ones independence, they can access the Play-Doh as well as tidy it up easily.

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer Toy Storage Mom Hack

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers Keep Dolls & More In Check

If you are a mom to even one girl you know how many dolls they can collect. In the past 16 years I have had more than my fair share of dolls with three daughters.

When my older girls were little I used a storage bin for them all, however, I found that made them out of sight out of mind for my girls.

Over the door organizers are amazing. Come to think about it, I don’t think I have ever actually used one for shoes.

Get creative, the pockets are perfect for storing these and many other toys too!

Plate Rack Book & Wooden Puzzle Storage Mom Hack

Plate Racks Are Perfect For Organizing Books And Wooden Puzzles

This is my favorite of all the mom hacks.

I found my plate rack at a local dollar store for only $1! I bought two, one to store wooden puzzles, and the other to offer a few books daily that she can read.

Rotating books is key and this hack allows you to offer a few each day so your child doesn’t get bored from the same books.

We keep the rest of their books and puzzles in their rooms, changing out the racks each day with new ones. This helps cut down on having piles of books and puzzles everywhere so your child isn’t overwhelmed by so many books or puzzles to choose from.

Hand Soap Container Paint Storage Mom Hack

Give Your Little One Independence With This Paint Storage Hack

Creative play is imperative for kids, especially the little ones. It helps their minds grow and improve their fine motor skills.

This mom hack has been a total game changer for us.

Storing Christian and Hannah’s paints into these empty soap pumps allows them to get more paint on their own. It also ensures we have no more dried out paint because there are no lids to forget to close!

If you are looking for great paint, I love these 16 oz bottles of Sergeant Paint They generally fill up our containers twice, so they last a really long time and are non-toxic!

Pencil Case & Fabric Bin Puzzle Storage Mom Hack

Recycle Broken, Bulky Puzzle Boxes With This Easy Solution

Puzzles, I have a total love/hate relationship with them. The thing that drives me absolutely batty is when I am nearing the end of the puzzle and realize pieces are missing!

Tossing the stacks of bulky puzzle boxes and organizing them into pencil-case pouches or even clear Ziploc bags works for us.

Whenever we get a new puzzle we cut out the picture, take out the pieces, and place them all into a pouch.

I can easily tuck the fabric bin on a shelf at the end of the day and it matches my home decor theme!

Plastic Spice Rack Toy Food Storage Mom Hack

Plastic Spice Racks Are Perfect For Play Food

Storing their play food where it was visible & easily accessible for her was a top priority. While her kitchen has great storage for the dishes and food that came with it, it didn’t have extra storage for all her other food and dishes.

How genius is this plastic spice rack for tackling this organizing job?

We put up one 3-tier rack on either side of her kitchen on the wall with Command Hooks. I am actually surprised at how this has helped her become more responsible in cleaning up her toys.

Children's Art & School Work Photo Book Mom Hack

Turn Your Children’s Art & School Work Into Photo Books

Listen parents, you don’t need to save every single piece of school and art work your kids bring home. They are in school and children for a long time, can you imagine the heaps of papers you will accumulate if you attempt to save it all?

Well, I can tell you how much because my mother saved everything! No joke, I have massive storage bins full to the tits of my school work, crafts, drawings, and certificates. Over the years since she handed it down to me I have been purging.

Having three kids of my own, I noticed I was becoming an art and school work hoarder. I was saving everything my kids made.

Recently I realized storing it was not the best solution, things started to get bent, paint had started to peel off, and it was multiplying at an insane rate.

Photo books are affordable and perfect for preserving those memories without the clutter. They are much easier to store and are less likely to get ruined!

Of course you are not going to be able to make photo books with everything they make. You will need to go through everything and pick out the ones that spark an emotion, a feeling, a memory, and use those.

Get as creative as you like or simple do yearly photo books highlighting the best from that year.

My favorite places to find deals for huge discounts on photo books are Groupon and WagJag.

Organizing doesn’t have to break the bank folks. I get most of my organizing products from our local dollar store or second-hand.

Which of these Mom hacks are your favorites?

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