Save hundreds with the #changejar challenge. Ready?

I read an article on NBC News about an easy trick to save hundreds.  Of course, I was intrigued!  Who doesn’t want to save even more?  The article was about something I’ve heard of and even seen many times.  A woman saved a penny jar.  She ended up with over $600 that year on her spare change.


My Mother did this about a year about and saved well over $3000 on change, she’d just toss whatever was left over that day, If it was $1.25 that went in the jar.  If it was $4 that went in the jar.  You get the idea.  Now we are heading into the holiday season and we started a jar about 6 weeks ago, getting a head start on the beginning of the year.

My goal for 2019 is to save $2000 in loose change. The great thing about this is you don’t even notice it.  When I’m doing laundry, I almost every time find change and it goes into the jar.  When I’m cleaning out the car, loose change goes in the jar. Now that we are using the Cash-Only Budget we have more loose change that we are able to put into the jar and when I have $1’s I put those in also.  I’m pretty stoked to see how much we save this year with this.  Especially since it’s done so blindly and with little thought.

I was thinking about this a bit, How much could we save?  $1 a day adds up to $365 in a year.  $5 a day is $1,825.  That’s doable.  That’s a vacation.  So, let’s try this.  I’d like to make it a challenge, I’ll update you every month and let’s see how we do.  #changejar Challenge.  Nearly $2000 by this time next year without trying?  Why not?  I’m ready to do it.  Are you?

How much do you think you could put away a day?  Will you take this #changejar challenge with me?


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