Best 10 ways to save $500 or more before the Holidays!

Holidays are right around the corner, We have less than 8 weeks before it’s time to open gifts under the tree and really only about 6 weeks to get everything in order before it.  In our economy, it’s not an easy thing for all of us to save $500 in just under 8 weeks so I’ve compiled a top 10 list to help. If we can slash spending and save $100 a week we could come up with at least $600 by the time the holiday shopping is in full swing.  Perhaps even saving a little over $300 by the time Black Friday arrives.


Try turning it into a game by going through this list of 10 ways to save, and seeing how many you can do in a week.


1. Keep the change

Throwing  the change from each of your cash transactions for one week and store it in a jar or piggy bank. At the end of the week, count the coins to see how you did. Depending on how much cash you spend, you may reach your goal by following this one simple way!


2. Avoid restaurants and coffee shops for 1 week

Brew your own coffee to start the day, and decline colleagues’ invitations to eat lunch at restaurants this week. Pack your lunch instead, and invite co-workers to join you in the park or plaza.

Taken seriously, this effort can make a real difference over time. See my post “Eat more at home.”

3. Skip costly entertainment

Don’t pay to see a play or movie. Instead, find free entertainment at local community events. There’s also the library, which is jam-packed with books and DVDs that you can borrow for free.

4. Carry cash only

Force yourself to save by setting a cash-only budget for the week. Take out a set amount of cash from the ATM at the beginning of the week — then leave debit and credit cards at home. Having to stretch your cash throughout the week will help you focus on spending for essentials only. (And don’t forget to save your change.) More about this on How to save the MOST with a Cash only budget.

5. Sell some stuff

Head to a local consignment shop that will pay you on the spot for gently used goods.

Can’t find one in your area? Try an online equivalent. For consigning clothing as well as games and toys, there’s, for example. The site aims “to be the largest online consignment and thrift store in the world.” For selling all kinds of used electronics, there’s Gazelle.

6. Get to work

Pick up a temporary side gig to quickly accumulate funds. Or, let your creative juices flow and sell your products and services to others. For inspiration, check out “107 Ways to Make Extra Money Every Month.”

7. Clip coupons

You don’t need newspapers to clip them anymore, just go over to websites like and you can have all that you need an with Ibotta you can definetely get some great rebates.  Check out my latest post Coupons?  and Best apps for saving money and saving time for more ideas.

8. Cut the cable

Many are a little mixed up about this suggestion but really it’s going to save you anywhere from $100 or more a month.  If you have a smart tv then check out some other sites you can download on your TV like Tubi TV and Pluto TV for FREE live TV, movies and shows.  

9. Don’t use your credit cards

Really this goes back to use cash and it really does work.  Plus A high-interest rate can greatly increase the cost of things you buy with your credit card if you don’t pay off the balance in full each month. Hide the magic plastic so you don’t increase the amount you owe on the card.

Last but not least and this is a BIG one

10. Track your expenses

I couldn’t say this enough, If we are paying attention to all of our daily expenses it may be motivation enough to spend less. This could be the number one thing that saves you money. For more on tracking your expenses take a look at this Make a savings plan that works!

Do you have a savings plan for the holidays?  What’s something you’d suggest?

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