Are you writing a meal plan? One of the best ways to save money and time.

As we all know, sometimes it’s hard to keep track on our day to day spendings, and as we’ve covered how to write a savings plan that works, I think it’s time to go into writing a meal plan. Last week we got into Eating more at home.  We all know how expensive it gets after eating out even for a week.  As I told you all a couple weeks ago, we were spending $400 a month on eating out!

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I started putting a weekly meal plan together, to gather some thoughts on what we need and put into a plan.  It is saving me time and saving us money doing this.  I do a breakfast, lunch and dinner plan.

Here’s an example:


  • Breakfast – Omelet and orange juice (plus my morning coffee, this is a must every morning) Breakfast $2.25
  • Lunch – Turkey wrap $2.14
  • Dinner – Baked Ziti – $12.00 (for family)

Monday’s meals in total = $16.39


  • Breakfast – Oatmeal and a Fage Yogurt – $1.25
  • Lunch – Ceasar Salad – $2.00
  • Dinner – Tacos (Taco Tuesday – the kids love it) – $15.00

Tuesday’s meals in total = $18.25


  • Breakfast – Cream of wheat and toast – $1.35
  • Lunch – Tomato soup/ Grilled cheese – $1.75
  • Dinner – Creamy garlic mushroom chicken – $17.00

Wednesday’s meal in total = $20.10


  • Breakfast – Bagel/cream cheese and fruit salad – $1.10
  • Lunch – Chicken pesto sandwich – $2.00
  • Dinner – (family) Easy burrito bowls – $14.00

Thursday’s meals in total = $17.10


  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and toast – $0.75
  • Lunch – Turkey sandwich on multi gran – $1.25
  • Dinner – Spaghetti with side salad – $10.00 (family)

Friday’s meals in total = $12.00


  • Breakfast – Pancakes (blueberry, or chocolate chip) – $6.00 (family)
  • Lunch – Peanut butter and jelly with a fruit of choice – $5.00 (family)
  • Dinner – Pizza night – $12.00 (family)

Saturday’s meals in total = $23.00


  • Breakfast – French toast, eggs, and turkey bacon – $6.50 (family)
  • Lunch – Mac and cheese with veggie tots – $4.00 (family)
  • Chicken Quesadillas with black bean and white corn salad – $10.00 (family)

Sunday’s meals in total = $20.50

Meals this week cost = $127.34.  Now compare this to eating out, add those totals and you’ll see a big difference.  I have 4 children, my husband and myself for dinners, and the weekend meals.  Lunches are always just myself (unless I pack their lunches, which I do sometimes) I didn’t add in a packed lunch for them but even if I did it wouldn’t total more than $10 extra for the week. I am able to feed a family of 6 for a week for a little over $100.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  Although I know there are more amazing people than myself that could feed my family of 6 with $50.  I’m not to that point but I must admit I think it is absolutely fantastic and I’d love to learn!

So, This is our week in recipes, It helps to write it all down and organize your thoughts before going shopping, This method saves you tons of time and money and the meals are thought through with the kids.  We ask them for meal ideas, so they’re in on it also.  Keeps the fuss down at meal time, things they enjoy and we do too.


What’s your meal plan look like?  Do you plan ahead?

10 thoughts on “Are you writing a meal plan? One of the best ways to save money and time.

  1. I love to spend time cooking. It’s so wonderful. I love the meal plan idea, I try to write one sometimes but I find myself not doing this very well.

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  2. I absolutely love everything about reading your site, You have great content and great ideas and I really appreciate you taking the time to help all of us gain knowledge! I write lists from time to time but not really a meal plan. I love it.

    Are you writing a meal plan? One of the best ways to save money and time. – Frugal Overload

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    1. Yes! Meal plans are really excellent ways to save time and money, I’ll try to make some meal plan print outs, I think that would help! Thank you so much for your compliment!


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