Spend less time at the store.

Do you run in and run out of the store? Or are you one of the millions that linger in the store looking around at welcoming sales, wonderful new seasonal items, smelling the new sprays, candles, and so on?

Some shopping trips are necessary – we all need groceries, after all – but Karen Cordaway, her blog here, recommends getting in and out of stores as speedily as possible to avoid any temptations. Writing a list and sticking with it can help, she says.

This completely makes sense to me, as I try to always make a list, go in, buy what is on that list and get out. If I go in there with my little ones, I find that I buy more than I need, I hear “Oh, Mommy! Look at those!” So I tend to go alone, or with my husband for better savings.

What’s your shopping style? Quick or slow

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