Eat more at home.

Not only do you spend a lot of money when you go out to eat, but the trip also takes up a significant amount of time: You have to travel to the restaurant, order and then eat. Instead, stay home and try editor Susan Yoo-Lee’s winter soups, meatless entrees or
green juice recipes.

I know, you’re busy and it is convenient to just go in the drive through and go, but it is hurting your wallet!

We know this all too well, and when we calculated how much we were spending eating out I couldn’t believe it! I work full time as does my husband, our children are in school, after school we have things to do, extracarricular activities, family time.. etc. We just don’t have time, we’d always say.

One day as I was calculating it, just out of curiousity, to my amazement it was a whopping $400 per month! WHAT? No, thank you.

So we started eating more at home, packing lunches, drinks and snacks with us and to be honest I’m happy for the change, it makes us really concious of what we are eating, more picky about what our children are having. We’re eating much more healthy and saving hundreds!

What is your story? Do you eat out a lot? Do you love to cook at home?

Have any recipes to share?

Let me know! I love hearing from you!

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